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Assistance at Netherdale

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

The new season is upon us much quicker than we all anticipated after the prolonged period of lockdown. We were delighted to see so many people at Maroon’d@Gala and at the Peebles Border League game on Saturday which was blessed with fantastic weather.

We are now into the full run of National 1 League games starting this Saturday (4th September) against Stirling. Running an amateur sports club does depend heavily on people providing their time and help and with changes that have taken place with the club structure and the differing and additional requirements of our governing body we need some additional help, especially on game days.

I can promise that you will not get ‘landed’ with something permanently because the more volunteers we have the less everyone will have to do!

For the coming season we need

Turnstile operator(s)

Lottery (50/50) sellers

Mascot host(s)

Someone to fill the Roony suit

Touch judges for both Home and Away games – this requires a certain level of fitness and mobility!

We would be delighted to chat with anyone one who is willing to help out with any of these activities or other assistance you can offer.

Please respond by calling the office or emailing

Yours Sincereley

Ian R Dalgleish


Gala Rugby

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