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International Sevens Players Photographs displayed in the Club Entrance Hall

To complement our Internationalists and British and Irish Lions framed photographs in the Centenary Lounge we have recently added framed photographs in the Entrance Hall to the Club of our 7’s Internationalists and a framed list of those who have played both 7’s and 15’s (whose images are already displayed in the Centenary Lounge)

GalaRFC have a long established and proud record of producing players who have represented their country some of whom have achieved the ultimate honour of British and Irish Lions.

Presently it is only the International 15's players photographs which are displayed in the Centenary Lounge and acknowledged in the club.

To further celebrate the clubs success we have now tried to identify all those that played International 7’s This hasn’t been a straightforward task as prior to the formation of the IRB Sevens International Sevens were played on a more informal basis. Locating suitable photographs from the past has also been difficult and has still not been fully achieved.

The list below of our 7’s Internationalists is not necessarily complete and if anyone is aware of any that have been missed please contact the club office.

As stated above there are now framed photographs of our 7’s Internationalists displayed in the Entrance Hall to the Club.

The next stage of this process is to acknowledge the women and foreign internationals who have played for the club.

Our 7’s Internationalists are

Scott Paterson

David Gray

Lee Kibble

Roddy Grant

Gregor Hunter

Mark Moncrief

John Dalziel

Tom Weir

Photographs still required (If you can help please contact the club office)

Stevie Craig

Johnny Brown

Grant Farquharson

Neil Crooks

7’s and 15’s international’s whose photographs are already displayed in the Centenary Lounge

John Frame

PC Brown

Kenny Oliver

Drew Gill

Ian Corcoran

Gregor Townsend

Michael Dods

Chris Paterson

Nathan Hines

Arthur Brown

Nairn McEwan

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