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Match Report Gala v Cartha QP

Cartha kicked off 1500 at Netherdale in fine but cloudy conditions. There was a fairly strong wind which gave Cartha the advantage in the first half.

Cartha immediately put Gala under pressure which was successfully defended by some sound defensive tackling. Gala gradually increased their pressure which resulted in a cutting run by Gala full back, Ruairi Howarth scoring under the posts. This was converted by Ross Cooke.

Gala 7. Cartha 0

Cartha retaliated after 16 minutes when following a penalty in the Gala 22 they took it quickly and after a passing move across the pitch the centre Sam Harrison went over in the corner. This was unconverted and took the score to Gala 7 Cartha 5.

Three minutes later Sam Harrison featured again when following a break from his own half he passed out and gave a straightforward try to the other centre Liam Howieson. This again was unconverted and put Cartha in the lead Gala 7 Cartha 10.

After 26 minutes Cartha were awarded a penalty on the edge of the Gala 22, this was converted by Thomas Davidson, the fly half.

Score Gala 7 Cartha 13

Lachlan Johnston scored under the posts for Gala following a 5 metre scrum which was successfully hooked by Gala and quick thinking by scrum half Lachlan Johnston saw the opening and went for the line. This was converted by Ross Cooke giving Gala a lead of 14 to 13.

There was still more excitement to come in this first period when following a line out Cartha collected and after a swift passing movement across the pitch the flanker, Ryan Howie scored under the Gala posts. This was converted by Thomas Davidson. (Gala 14 Cartha 20).

Gala quickly responded following a passing movement the ball was passed out to the Gala winger Ross Cooke who dived over in the corner. This was unconverted and took the game to half time.

Half Time score Gala 19 Cartha 20

With such an exciting first half everyone was looking forward to the next period. Gala now had the wind at their backs but both teams sitting on 1 point following the previous weeks games, they were both keen for a good result in this game.

Gala kicked off the second half and after only 2 minutes were awarded a penalty which was successfully kicked by Ross Cooke. Gala were back in the lead by 22 - 20. Five minutes later Gala increased their lead when the team captain, the Gala no. 8, Euan Dods broke through following a ruck and then passed out to the Gala flanker Jesse De Vries who scored midway along from the posts. This was successfully converted by Gala centre Gregor Mein. Gala were now up 29 to 20.

After 28 minutes of the second half Andrew Mitchell the Gala centre received the ball after a series of passes across the pitch following a successful Gala scrum. This was not converted and Gala were now leading 34 - 20.

The rampant Gala backs were now on the front foot and after another successful passing movement Euan Dods made his Captain’s contribution by scoring near the posts. Dean Keddie successfully kicked the conversion. ( 41 - 20)

Cartha were not going to lie down and their prop Juan Phyfer scrambled over under the posts, Lachie Stout added the 2 points making the score Gala 41 Cartha 27

To finish this fantastic game for the home crowd. Gala replacement Robbie Irvine scored after 39 minutes converted by Dean Keddie and after 42 minutes in injury time Andrew Mitchell scored another try which was not converted but took the final score to


Cartha returned to the West with 1 bonus point from scoring 4 tries. Gala triumphed with a 5 point bonus point win.

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