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Radio Borders Cash for Kids Sports Challenge

Gala Rugby are delighted to have been selected as one of eight clubs to take part in Radio Borders Cash for Kids Sports Challenge, with the aim of raising as much money as possible by Friday 16 October.

After supporting the local FoodBank and FoodTrain during lockdown, all teams within Gala Rugby are encouraged to get behind this worthy cause and continue to support the community.

Radio Borders Cash for Kids is a standalone charity which exists to improve the lives of children in the Scottish Borders & North Northumberland. It strives to improve the lives of children who encounter neglect or abuse, who have a disability or illness or whose families simply can't afford to provide them with what they need. Every penny we raise will be matched by the charity, this will help us maintain and support our facilities for all primary and secondary school children in Gala.

There are also additional funding opportunities if we finish in the top three fund raisers of the eight selected sports clubs, including a top prize of a further £3,000 to the successful club. We have everything to play for and look forward to your support! Due to the current pandemic we are not able to hold any large fundraising events. However we have lots of ideas to raise the money by involving all our age groups and including some interesting changes to their training routines!

* Fundraising activities to include:

  • Mini-Maroons from P1 to P7 to take part in 1875 passes of the rugby ball

  • All age groups through to senior players to complete 12 hours of five a side touch rugby

  • Car wash at Netherdale

  • Complete a 12-hour Cyclothon with spin exercise bikes

  • Auction of rugby memorabilia

  • Live streamed online pub quiz with difficult rugby questions

Further details of these events will be communicated on social media, our website and via email to our membership.

To ensure compliance with covid guidelines, no spectators will be permitted. Events will be shared with you through live streaming, videos and photographs on our social media channels.

You can donate directly by going to the Gala Rugby Cash for Kids page here.

Alternative payment methods, can be taken over the phone by debit/credit card, cheques or cash will of course will be equally welcome!

Thank you for your support!

*(All the training routines will be carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 guidance we are currently operating under from Scottish Rugby)



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