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Undersoil Heating Use

There would appear to be some misunderstanding about the operation, availability and constraints on the use of the undersoil heating.

Firstly the heating IS working and operational

However there are a number of constraints on its use

1 It requires to be ON for at least two days prior to any match to be effective

2 Fundamentally there is no heat control, it is either ON or OFF

3 It is costly to operate, a minimum of £2500 per use.

Taking the above into account it is clear that it cannot just be switched on the day it is required, it will not be effective. It cannot be ‘left on’ on a background heat setting, there is such a large volume of water to heat that it can only be operated continuously at or near its operating temperature.

The cost of operating the system is obviously a major consideration and currently for normal League games it would not be financially viable.

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